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  1. Mining in Paradise?: the results

    You or your organisation has perhaps signed CATAPA's no-go zones for mining-petition. Thank you very much for this. You supported the farmers and environmental organisations of four provinces in North-Peru, which try to prevent mining activities in their area. Because of the fact that mining companies harm human rights, cross local development plans and threaten the most bio-diverse area in the world, the tropical Andes, as this may cause irreparable damage. Below you find an extensive list of achievements of our campaign.

  2. Zijin Mining to pay $3m fine for hazardous waste water leaks

    A court judgement showed on Monday that the gold miner will have to pay the money for the key role it played in the leaking of hazardous waste water last year.

  3. Mineral-Rich Highlands Lack Legal Protection

    By Milagros Salazar, IPS - Tierramérica, 30/11/2010

    LIMA - More than 11 percent of Peruvian territory is distributed among mining concessions. Those mining blocks can include moors, river sources, and even protected natural areas.

  4. Huancabamba commemorates murder of 2 community members

    On December 1 and 2, the peasant community Cajas Canchaque (Huancabamba) remembered the death of two villagers, Castulo Huayama and Vicente Romero Correa Ramirez, who were shot dead by the police. The police intervention on December 2 last year in the hamlet Cajas Canchaque was ordered by the mining company Rio Blanco and directed against several peasant leaders. In the event there were films, a Mass in honor of the victims and a ceremony. Up to today, the violence remains unpunished.

  5. No mining activities here

    Tambogrande was the starting point. Since the year 2000 when the inhabitants of this region in the north of Peru got organized in a popular consultation to block the mining activities of the Manhattan company, more episodes began to occur.

  6. The registration for the International Conference is now open


    Organisations and individuals who are interested in the international conference Mining in paradise? ‘No-Go Zones for Mining’: A tool for the protection of human and environmental rights can register on our website by following this link.



  7. They are not 33, they are much more

    New issues related to mining to appear on the Peruvian political agenda. Which areas could qualify as mining-free zones?

  8. Café por el paraíso

    Now available: the coffee from the International Campaign Mining in Paradise? No-go zones for mining, "Café por el paraíso", each package costs 5 euros. You can help to support the dissemination of the campaign.

  9. LIVESTREAM: Foro Público - Public Forum

    Livestream starts at 9h Peruvian time, 16h Belgian time (GMT+1)

    Video en vivo: 9h (hora Peruano), 16h (hora Belgíca) 

    Public Forum: Land Management and No-Go Zones for Mining

    Foro Público: Ordenamiento Territorial y Zonas de Exclusión Minera

    If you're not able to view the video in here, go to: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/prensa-alternativa
    Si no puedes ver el video aquí, va a: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/prensa-alternativa


    And don´t forget to sign our petition here! ¡Firma la petición aquí!

  10. Third campaign buletin on fragile ecosystems

    We've published our third campaign buletin on the environmental ecosystems, their fragility and importance in the area where the Río Blanco mining project is located. It is clear that the risks are very, if not too, high for the project to continue.